Walking in the Canadian Rockies

Canadian Rockies - Sculptured by Glaciers

Guided Walking tours in the Caribbean

Join us as we explore all the must see destinations in the Canadian Rockies.

We’ve always needed to be part of wild, unspoilt places in the natural world. This is a great itinerary, tailor-made for walkers. We'll be doing some camping and glamping, to keep the costs down, but our destinations won't be compromised. Oh!, by the way, we do stay several nights in hotels. We’ll start in Calgary, then continue on to Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise, Whistler and Vancouver! Once again, we’ll only need a day pack as we immerse ourselves in great scenery, mountain air and adventure.

We'll discover Canada's striking panoramas of natural wonders and be privy to its breath-taking glaciers, carved mountains and vast open spaces. And the culture is as diverse as the scenery!

Some people travel and adventure in Canada so they can lose themselves in its grandeur: others find themselves in its simplicity and gentle nature...