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Guided Walking Tours By John & Lyn

John and Lyn

We’re sharing our passion for the outdoors and the environment with you...

John and Lyn are experienced bushwalkers, tour coordinators and group leaders. They have walked extensively in all Australian states and territories, researching information for their 12 Take A Walk, bushwalking guide books, and have written a wide range of feature stories for outdoor, travel and lifestyle books and magazines including; Lonely Planet, Outdoor Australia and Wild. They have led walks for their bushwalking clubs for well over 20 years.

Coordinating and leading groups of walkers to iconic overseas destinations began in 1998 when they took a group of friends to Galapagos Islands and to walk the Inca Trail. They have since led group trips to exotic destinations in Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Antarctica. Now, they have 15 tailor-made walking destinations they want share with other adventurers.

Wherever possible John and Lyn will accompany a Take A Walk Adventures trip. If  not possible they will appoint another Take A Walk leader, so you never have to feel alone.

'You are sooo encouraging Lyn and John.  No wonder so many of us keep coming back.  You can't get rid of us!' Sheila

(Sheila has enjoyed walking holidays with us in Scandinavia, China, Greece, Tanzania and South Africa. She is now saddling up for our USA - Fall in New England trip, later this year.)


Fiona Campbell has travelled with John and Lyn to Patagonia, Spain, USA, Scandinavia, Greece, Africa, Morocco and many Australian destinations. An experienced ski-group coordinator for the high school where she worked, Fi has also been a walk leader for National Parks Association of Queensland. She now works as a tour leader for Take A Walk Adventures and is a real bonus to the Take a Walk team. She led our first China adventure in 2015, Patagonia in 2017 and 2018 and has just returned from taking a group of walkers to Vanuatu. Norway and Morocco 2019 are next on her calendar.

'...I can only speak for myself and say the walks in Vanuatu were a wonderful experience.  Your trip showed me a side of the islands that very few people get to experience, and I feel privileged to do so.  Vanuatu is a unique place. I’d also like to thank Fiona who was simply wonderful and went well beyond the call of duty make the trip a success. It was indeed a wonderful trip.'  Peter, Vanuatu - Rainforests and Volcanoes 2019

Guided Walking Tours By Fiona