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John and Lyn

We’re sharing our passion for the outdoors and the environment with you...

John and Lyn are experienced bushwalkers, tour coordinators and group leaders. They have walked extensively in all Australian states and territories, researching information for their 12 Take A Walk, bushwalking guide books, and have written a wide range of feature stories for outdoor, travel and lifestyle books, and magazines including; Lonely Planet, Outdoor Australia and Wild. They have led walks for their bushwalking clubs for well over 20 years.

Coordinating and leading groups of walkers to iconic overseas destinations began in 1998 when they took a group of friends to Galapagos Islands and to walk the Inca Trail. They have since led group trips to exotic destinations in Asia, North America, Canada, South America, Europe, Africa and Antarctica. Now, they have 18 tailor-made walking destinations they want share with other adventurers.

Wherever possible John and Lyn will accompany a Take A Walk Adventures trip. If  not possible they will appoint another Take A Walk leader, so you never have to feel alone.

'Thanks for a great trip, John and Lyn.  It lived up to my expectations and ticked a great experience off my bucket list. I really enjoyed everyone’s company and the camaraderie!...' Sandra - Polar Bears in Churchill, Canada 2019

(John and Lyn incorporate must-see destinations as either stand-alone or add-ons to their trip destinations. It's just their way of making sure everyone with a passion for the outdoors and nature has something special to remember - and polar bears left no doubt about that!