Walking in Portugal

Historic Portugal

Guided Walking tours in Portugal

Where history and culture collide !

Portugal is not all about sea faring explorers, medieval castles, cobblestone villages, exciting cities and golden beaches. To walk this country you'll experience 'true Portugal', a land steeped in history, culture and of course culinary delights.

We'll walk along the The Algarve Coast; move north to visit Mertola and Guadiana national parks, and hike inland through the villages of Alentejo and Evora. From Porto we'll carry on to northern Portugal; trek in Peneda-Geres National Park, then hop back to the coast to follow part of Portugal’s Camino de Santiago. All this before returning to Portugal's capital, Lisbon.

Experience Portuguese culture while visiting cities and villages - there's statues, iconic buildings, magnificent tile mosaics, and sedate village squares. Our emphasis will lie in the thick forests, deserted beaches, hidden lakes and lofty peaks. Places only walkers will be privy to absorb.