Booking Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions

These booking Terms and Conditions contain standard Terms and Conditions set by our international associates



A deposit of AU$500 per person is payable at the time of booking. If the booking cannot be accepted by us, this deposit will be refunded. Fifty per cent of the trip cost is due 90 days before departure. The balance is due at least 30 days before departure. These amounts can be paid into our account, or we can raise a PayPal invoice (credit charges apply).

You can use our secure on line payment systems to pay your deposit by direct debit, or by credit card using PayPal.

To pay by credit card using PayPal, click this link and follow the prompts.

Pay Deposit via PayPal

This option will also be displayed after you click Submit Booking

To pay by secure direct debit, our bank details are:

Our bank account details are:  Bank: XXX          BSB:  xxx xxx         Account #:  xxxx xxxxx

Name: Take A Walk Publications and Adventures Pty Ltd


All prices are quoted in the currency of the county you are visiting. We will obtain an exchange rate from our Foreign Exchange Brokers when payments are due and will notify you of the amount payable in Australian Dollars, based on the exchange rate of the day. We'll do one bulk transfer for the group to minimise foreign exchange and bank transfer fees.

Alterations by You

If, after confirmation of your holiday, you wish to reschedule to another date within 12 months of your original trip, we will do our best to make the change for you. Re-booking and appropriate charges will apply. Alterations made after 90 days before your holiday starts will be treated as a cancellation.

Cancellation by You

If you wish to cancel please notify us immediately in writing. The following cancellation charges apply:

Days before Departure:

     More than 90 days: Initial $500 deposit.

In some instances, larger deposits are required more than 90 days before the departure date to secure non-refundable or non-transferrable items like internal airfares, transport, national park permits or accommodation. In this instance, the refund will not exceed the amount refunded by our international partners.

     89 - 30 days:  50% of the total trip cost.

If some percentage of the 90 day deposit amount (usually 50% of the trip cost) has been pre-paid to our international partners for non-refundable or transferable expenses such as internal airfares, transport, national park permits or accommodation, the refund will not exceed the amount refunded by our international partners.

     29 days or less:  100% of trip cost

Cancellation may be covered by travel insurance if the reasons fall within the terms of your policy.

Alterations by You after the tour has begun

There will be no refunds by Take A Walk Adventures for missed or unused services once the tour has begun. This includes terminating the trip for illness, death of a family member etc.

The cost for any additional accommodation and / or transport not included in the itinerary is your responsibility if you are unable to complete a section or sections of the trip for any reason, including illness or injury.

Your travel insurance may cover this, if the reasons for the cancellation or change/s fall within the terms of your policy.

Alterations by Us

As far as possible we will follow the itinerary as stated. However we reserve the right to make changes to the programmes if weather or other conditions make it necessary. Our guides reserve the right to remove anyone from the trip if they believe that person is mentally or physically incapable of continuing, or if that persons continued participation will jeopardise the safety of themselves or other group members. Refunds are not given under these circumstances.

Cancellation by Us

We reserve the right to cancel your holiday due to major safety concerns such as terrorism, natural disasters, political instability or other events that may jeopardise the safety of the group. All Take A Walk Adventures holidays operates on a minimum group size. If we do not reach the required minimum, or we have other reasons to cancel the holiday (ie. unexpected cancellations), we will inform you promptly and refund to you all monies paid or offer an alternative holiday departure date. Take A Walk Adventures is not responsible for any expenses incurred in preparation for your trip.

* Do not book international airfares until we have notified you that the minimum number has been met and the trip will definitely run.


All prices quoted are `Per Person - Twin Share' and a Single Supplement fee applies when requested, or if there are no twin share options available when bookings are finalised. Our prices are prepared well in advance of the start of your holiday and while we try not to increase prices there is always the possibility that for reasons outside our control we may need to make adjustments, up to 30 days prior to departure. If this results in significant changes to your holiday cost we will inform you. Should this lead to a price increase of more than 10% you will have the right to cancel your holiday. All deposits will be refunded to you, or you may transfer the value to another of our holidays.

Responsibility for carriers and / or accommodation providers

All tickets, coupons or vouchers supplied for your travel and accommodation are arranged and supplied by us as agents only. We are not liable to you for any injury, loss, damage, accident, delay or irregularity which may be caused by any acts or defaults of any third persons or organisations responsible for carrying out any of the arrangements of the tour. The travel and / or accommodation and other similar contracts in use by these operators constitute the sole contract between them and you. All tickets, deposit tickets, coupons and orders are furnished and issued to you subject to their usual terms and it is your sole responsibility to understand these terms and to comply with or exercise the legal obligations and rights arising under any such arrangements.

Promotional photographs

During your adventure, your tour leader will usually take photographs for use in TAW promotional material, including slide shows and internet promotion. TAW reserves the right to use these images for promotional material, unless otherwise notified by you, in writing.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is compulsory for all Take A Walk Adventures tours. It is your responsibility to purchase travel insurance that covers personal injury, medical expenses, evacuation and repatriation expenses.

Are these trips for me:

All Take A Walk Adventures itineraries have been specifically designed to provide adventurous walkers with a truly unique walking experience in each country we visit. While the emphasis is on ‘walking’, you do not need to be a mountaineer to complete any of our trips.

However, it is your responsibility to read the Take A Walk Adventures itineraries carefully and select a trip that is within your own level of fitness and ability.

Some itineraries are more strenuous that others, but for all our walking holidays, you must be fit enough to walk for several consecutive days, for several hours per day, and the fitter you are before the trip starts, the more enjoyable the trip will become.

In most cases, our walks follow a mix of graded tracks, mountain trails or designated walking routes, but these routes could include rough tracks with steep ups and downs.

Our itineraries are timed to coincide with the best possible weather in the countries and regions we visit. However, on all trips, you would need to be prepared for adverse weather conditions, ie heavy rain, snow, strong winds and high or low temperatures, depending on the region.

It is your responsibility to bring appropriate clothing and footwear, as detailed in our standard gear lists for the regions we visit.

Release and Waiver of Liability.

By completing our booking form you acknowledge that your holiday is adventurous and may contain inherent risks, including but not limited to: physical exertion beyond that for which you may be prepared; exposure to sudden and unexpected weather events; exposure to hazards from flora and fauna, remoteness from medical services and evacuation difficulties.

You agree that if you suffer injury or illness, Take A Walk Adventures may, at your cost, arrange medical treatment and emergency evacuation, as deemed essential for your safety.

You have considered any potential risks and challenges involved, and release Take a Walk Adventures and our employees or agents from any/all claims arising from personal damages, injuries or death as a result of your participation, to the maximum extent permitted by the concurrent laws of Queensland and the Commonwealth of Australia.

In any case, our liability cannot exceed the cost of the land based part of the holiday. Liability for your flights will depend on the booking conditions specified by your chosen airline. All luggage and personal possessions are at the owner’s risk except where Take A Walk Adventures, or our agents are proven not to have used due diligence.

*Unguided activities are undertaken at your own risk.