AAWT – Section 1. Walhalla to Mt Hotham

AAWT - Section 1. Walhalla to Mt Hotham

We are both feeling pretty fresh just a few days into the walk

There are lots of fallen trees to navigate along the ridge above Stronachs Camp.

Grassy campsite at Thompson River.

It's always good to give the clothes a wash and have them clean to put on again in the morning 

Is this really a hut?

You do need to be prepared for wet weather at any time on this walk.

Taking notes on a small grassy verge on the banks of Black River.

Misty campsite above Rumpff Saddle.

On the way to Low Saddle.

Heading towards Rocky Bluff

On the way to Mt Magdala and Hells Window.

The view from Mt Magdala

Beautiful walking along a short detour to the West Peak of Mt Howitt.

Fantastic campsite above Macalister Springs.

We have reached the edge of the Razor-Viking Wilderness Area.  A truly stunning section of the track.

Entering the Razor-Viking Wilderness area

How could you not enjoy this incredible terrain on the way to Mt Speculation.

Water point below Mt Speculation.

Staying on the high route leading to Viking Saddle

It's time for a break.

Views of The Viking from Viking Saddle.

Rocky ridge on the crest of The Viking.

After a very tiring day we were a bit geographically embarrassed staying on the ridge leading to Barry Saddle and had to pitch the tent on the flattest ground we could find.

After a good (sloping) sleep we found the ridge in the morning and made our way to the water tank in Barry Saddle.

It was great to open our food drop bin and tuck into a can of fruit and have chocolate for a snack on todays walk.

Camping near East Riley water tank.

Sometimes it's great to find a sign, even though you are sure you know just where you are.

The skeletal remains of snow gums leading to the Mt Murray side-trip.

Another hill to climb.

It seems like an insurmountable drop to the saddle before climbing to the second of The  Twins.

Time for a break on the second of  The Twins. Then it's a descent to Mt St Bernard and Great Alpine Road for the long slog along the road to Mt Hotham.  Woohoo, a rest day coming up!

It's good to be heading downill again.

After completing the first 17 stages and hardly seeing any other walkers, the question is... Shower first or a beer first.  Beer won!