AAWT – Section 3. Thredbo to Tharwa Visitor Centre

AAWT - Section 3. Thredbo to Tharwa Visitor Centre

A heavy dump of snow covered the roof of the Main Range making us delay the start from Thredbo.

The weather came in again as we made our way towards Mt Kosciuszko

Despite the gloomy skies, there were a few patches of blue poking through the mist  

Seamans Hut is an excellent emergency shelter if the weather changes suddenly.  You should never tackle the Main Range route in bad weather. 

The official route follows a service trail beside Munyang River

There is a nice grassy campsite at Whites River Hut. Keep a watch out for the resident antechinus.

Schlink Hut is the second best hut along the whole track. Mount Wills Hut is the best.

Don't miss the side trip to Valentine Falls from the tiny Valentine Hut

Crossing the Geehi River

Good views to Valentine Falls after crossing the Geehi River

Nice easy walking through the Jagungal Wilderness Area

There are plenty of places to camp near Mt Jagungal

Every now and then you just need to take a break

There are also good flat campsites near Doubtful Creek

Mackays Hut

The isolation on this trail is definitely one of the attractions 

More easy walking along the Tabletop Mountain Trail

The side trip to Four Mile Hut is definitely worth the effort, especially if you are looking for a spot to camp 

Heading towards Kiandra

There is no camping around Pattinsons Hut

Just beyond Kiandra you need to cross the Eucumbene River

Tantangara Creek Crossing

Witzes Hut is drafty but it would be a welcome refuge in bad weather

Sometimes you'll just feel like sleeping inside rather than pitching the tent one more time 

It's definitely boots off to cross the infant Murrumbidgee River

It's time to pick the easiest approach to the next ridge

There is no track between the Murrumbidgee River and Port Philip Fire Trail

There are several places along Port Philip Fire Trail that are ideal for a food drop. 

A short detour from Mosquito Creek Fire Trail leads to Hainsworth Hut

If the tank at Oldfields Hut is dry, you can usually collect water from a small creek to the north of the hut

Heading into the ACT from Murrays Gap

There are plenty of campsites in he Orroral Valley

Once again it's good easy walking through the Orroral Valley

After 44 days, Tharwa Visitor Centre is just a stone's throw away 

Despite eating very well on our own dehydrated meals, we both lost 7kg on this walk

The AAWT has been the best and worst walk we have ever done. There were months of planning, dehydrating meals, and making sure we could document every aspect of the walk so we could include the track notes in Take A Walk in Kosciuszko National Park.