Bushwalking in Kosciuszko National Park

Take A Walk in Kosciuszko National Park  E-Book

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Kosciuszko National Park is all about contrasts. It is a vast area where all facets of the environment go hand-in-hand, and one cannot exist without the other.


Turn these pages of this book to explore Australia’s highest peaks and deepest gorges where warm summer days can give way to wintry storms and snow at the blink of an eye; where windswept, treeless mountains overlook dense forests of the Great Dividing Range; and icy-cold mountain streams tumble over escarpments to fill the dams and reservoirs of the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme. Wildflowers are as stunning as wildlife is diverse; and stories of daring European explorers and settlers as fascinating as those of the resilient Aboriginal people who first visited this land.

This edition of the Take A Walk series includes a complete range of short, medium and long day-walks, as well as overnight walks and multi-day hikes covering all regions of the park, from the Pilot Wilderness Area in the south, and north past the Jagungal and Bogong wilderness areas in the north.

Enjoy short walks to historic gold mines, or to lookouts for panoramic views over the high country landscapes. Wander along marked trails to mainland Australia’s only glacial lakes, or try more challenging hikes into the wilderness zones.

Australia’s toughest and most rewarding expedition walk, the Australian Alps Walking Track, will test your planning, navigation and endurance skills.

Walk descriptions are complimented with sketch maps, gradient profiles, photos and detailed notes about the evolution and environment of this magic place.

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